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THORs main guidelines Natisni E-pošta
  • High performance capability
  • Reliable
  • Scalable
  • Very fast
  • Fully user definable
  • User friendly

Data Processing

Real-time service transaction parsing, validating and evaluation of captured data through user definable filters and rules.

Monitoring of ATM Network

  • User selection of displays by: ATM, regions, institutions, and more.
  • User selection of ATM device statuses to display and sort orders.
  • Authorised users can open/close a manual ticket.
  • Each event can be commented by operator.
  • In-depth event history per each ATM
  • Graphical representation of current ATM network state is definable by user
  • WEB access for bank employees (ATM supervisors) and maintenance companies through SSL and digital certificates
  • Alarm dispatching through
  • E mail
  • Fax
  • SMS (on request)
  • Scheduling of service calls - day & night, service personnel working hours.
  • Rule-based service team dispatching-branch, first line, vendor, others
  • Holiday scheduling for each ATM

Thor reporting

  • Reports selectable for any time period.
  • Reports sorted and filtered by category- device, model type, region, institution and more.
  • Accurate ATM availability reporting that considers overlapping problems and ATMs with partial operation hours.
  • Accurate ATM availability reports in minutes.
  • ATM site availability reporting.
  • ATM status code frequency reporting.
  • ATM Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) reporting.
  • MS SQL server platform enables customer to generate his own reports using his own tools.
  • Output formats include Exel, RTF, PDF, HTML and TXT files.
  • Report generation queuing.
  • Automatic e-mail delivery upon completion to multiple addresses.

Thor benefits

  • Real-time device status of each individual ATM
  • Full user definable
  • Meets the demands of each individual customer
  • A reliable technology system
  • Technical fit with Base24 based requirements
  • Reduction in service, telecommunications and telephone costs
  • Reduced FTE requirements for call centre and manual reporting
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  • Tehnologija eDition® je vrhunsko orodje za prenos tiskovin (časopisov, revij, prodajnih katalogov ali brošur) na splet.
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