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 ID Documents Personalization Technology 

Personalisation technology for identification documents includes an installation of a turn-key personalisation centre. This project proposal consists of a know-how, programming and machine solutions including logistics, production security, consulting on document selection and all processes tracking.

This technological solution enables transfer of personal data to blank ID-1 and ID-3 forms. These include identity cards, passports, driving licences, bank cards and other identification documents as a proof of identity, and which require high levels of manufacturing and record security, and full personalisation processes tracking. Technology also allows biometric data recording.

A process of a photograph, a signature and other personal information intergration is entirely automated. Laser personalisation is performed on laser engraving machines, specilized to a certain type of a document. Record verification is performed by OCR readers and a camera monitoring and comparing a photograph, a signature, data and clarity of an OCR-B record, and identifies it with identification document chip data.

Personalisation process is based on the minimum human intervention principle and is conducted in accordance with the highest international standards and security requirements.

In addition to standard personal data personalisation, this solution is upgraded with an ability of biometric data storing. Our team can either offer consulting or deliver a complete turn-key project which means the setting-up of an entire personalisation centre, solution implementation and machine delivery (laser engraving, embossing, perforation, envelopment …) and operator education.

This technology enables the following processes:

  • Collecting of document personalization applications
  • Applications' data registering
  • Data verification at the reference database
  • Data coding and record preparation
  • Photograph laser engraving
  • Signature laser engraving
  • Personal data laser engraving
  • Passport reference number perforation
  • MLI security laser engraving
  • Laser engraving of micro-text and security elements onto the PVC or PC surface area
  • Biometric data recording (to a built-in chip, through 2-D codes ...)
  • Envelopment
  • Manufacture reporting
  • Processes tracking
  • Secure image transmission from a distant location on demand (administrative offices, police stations, border controls…) represents an advancement in data exchange of this technological solution.

Representative data

Since 1998 about 900 thousand personalised identity cards, and since 2001 about 600 thousand passports for the Slovenian citizens were produced.

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