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 Atlas software application is an editorial production tool providing automatic and simplified management of all types of data in the printing environment. It is designed to enble editors and journalists to edit, create and monitor newspaper pages through pre-set templates.

Moreover, Atlas is a web-based system which means that programme users can manage their sections anytime and anywhere; from a reporting location or a nearby restaurant, holiday resort or a home sofa. The automated workflow management speeds up the production process, reduces the production costs and the number of people involved in the process, especially when managing repetitive contents and different versions of the publication.

TV programme schedule management

A special Atlas feature is a programming module that automatically creates and edits TV guide contents, and thus simplifies and shortens the management process. Further, it converts a variety of file formats (.txt, .rtf, .xls, or imported text file formats) into a uniform editing document. In addition, it automatically puts forward previously edited and translated material, ready for printing. The converted, customized and edited files are exported into Adobe InDesign system. TV programme creation involves the use of a page layout template into which database information is integrated for an unlimited number of versions. The user thus creates the size of an article and determines its location in a magazine or newspaper.

Atlas is constructed of three independent units:

  1. The user interface for databases editing (photos, graphics, texts, broadcasts …)
  2. The user interface for data integration into a pre-set template
  3. The user interface for document layout information editing


Atlas is a database-driven system which means that various independent yet connected databases are in operation behind the system offering users access to all types of data: photos, graphics, TV broadcasts, information on personalities, publications, stories, ads, and any other digital documents. Databases store all digital material and history of all events, further reduce the possibility of repetitive publishing, provide exchange of information among editorial offices and thus keep track of all changes being made in the system.

Atlas databases are a flexible tool offering unlimited enhacement possibilities, moreover, data can be exported in multiple content formats.

What does Atlas do?

  • Converts and customizes the data received into uniform centralized data for automated integration into a document layout.
  • It facilitates automatic processing and editing with Adobe InDesign CS programming system pagination applications.
  • Translated texts are stored in databases and are automatically put forward at frequently performed tasks (in case of a series, repeats ....).
  • Stores different content files (photos, broadcast contents information, information on actors, people ...).
  • Provides full contents tracking.
  • All tasks and actions during the publication process are entered in log files.
  • Facilitates columns editing (TV programme, articles, editorials ...) with a possibility of an output preview.
  • All reports are user friendly.

Advantages offered by Atlas software solution:

  • The editor has full control over the document layout and onscreen preview of each record made by operators into a layout template.
  • The editor has constant control over the entire workflow process already performed and work in progress.
  • It allows editors to work on different versions of the publication at the same time.
  • An authorized person (reader / editor) is allowed to lock the page and thus prevent unauthorized access.
  • TV broadcast description is based on the selection from previously assigned graphic elements (title, subtitle, text, signature, photos ...)
  • It provides columns editing (TV programme, articles, editorials ...) with a possibility of an output preview.
  • It reduces the occurence of grammatical errors (spell checking feature, selection of proofread material from the database)
  • It provides easy and fast training.

STOP Magazine — a Modernized Editorial Office

 In December 2005, Atlas editing system was sucessfully integrated into the production of the Stop magazine, Slovenian weekly magazine with the most comprehensive TV guide. The trial period operation has shown that the use of Atlas produces savings in about six months which are increasing up to 30-40 percent per year (according to present costs). First savings can however only be seen after databases are filled with graphic and demographic material. These are merely calculations, moreover, it has to be emphasized that Stop magazine has been, since the introduction of Atlas software application, producing a TV guide version extended by 50 percent, with a more precise data and more graphic elements (19) as before (9), all during the same time span.

 With the user in mind, the system is easy to use, and requires only a short, low budget training. The system keeps track of all production processes which is one of its main advantages that will shorten working processes. The use of Atlas system greatly cuts down the costs of graphics processing, having these stored in a database for future use. The introduction of an internet connection and a virtual editorial office will further reduce costs and thus result in lower expenditure for the use of business offices.

The production of different publication versions will enable Stop magazine to also create TV guides for outside customers and thus increase this additional advantage

User's statement

While searching the market for a software solution designed to provide the most efficient automated creation of a TV guide, no suitable product was found. A decision was made to assign a development of such a solution to the Slovenian experts. Since the beginning of its functioning, Atlas system has proved to be a fast and a reliable programme performing without any interruptions. A new, extended TV guide has been set up with Atlas system in a shorter period of time than the previous one and with the same number of employees« said Martin Senica, Stop magazine editor. Stop, with its 66 TV programmes, is the most complete TV guide in Slovenia, which also means the most complex TV guide management.

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Photo Gallery

Databases outline
Databases outline
Onscreen view of a person from the people database
Onscreen view of a person from the people database
Atlas workflow scheme
Atlas workflow scheme
Onscreen view of a photo database search engine
Onscreen view of a photo database search engine
Onscreen view of information from the TV broadcasts database
Onscreen view of information from the TV broadcasts database
Data integration into a pre-set template
Data integration into a pre-set template
Onscreen view of converting data into uniform output with import programme
Onscreen view of converting data into uniform output with import programme
TV programme editing
TV programme editing
Specific contents editing
Specific contents editing
Editors user interface
Editors user interface
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