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eDition® Digital - Revolutionary Digital Publishing Platform Print E-mail

eDition® is a platform for fast and efficient transfer of your (printed) publications on the Internet. eDition® preserves the original image of (printed) publication, and at the same time it enables numerous different multimedia functionalities. With eDition® publication gains limitless possibilities, which is offered by Internet technology. 

With a digital variety of magazines, catalogues, selling brochures or annual reports, you are going to increase the circulation of publications and, with this, essentially share it with the reader, and all that without an expenditure of printing and distribution.

The contemporary digital publishing technology eDition® enables intense reader incorporation into contents of the publication and it enables interactivity through enriched contents. Through the use of eDition® technology, reading of online magazines, catalogues and other publications is becoming more fun and interesting and that is why readers take more time to read such e-publications (this means that there are more chances for them to notice those contents, which the publisher wishes to mediate: advertisement, promotional actions, promotional texts…).

edition.gif® accessory for statistics is an indispensable helper at monitoring the behavior of visitors of your digital publication. It follows visitor's every click and enables production of detailed reports every moment according to all statistical parameters (time, source, visitation of individual page, visit duration…).

Nowadays, in an inexorable fight for every reader, this is a decisive and competitive advantage.

In addition: digital publications have unlimited editions, remittances never occur, all is saved in a settled archive, and it is more ecological…

Visit us: www.edition-on.net

  • eDition® is a platform for fast and efficient transfer of your (printed) publications on the Internet.

  • We create interactive multimedia presentations which include pictures, sound, animations and video (Shockwave Flash, DV ali DVD).

  • From simple presentation to complex web portals. We are creating interactive web sites, online communities, media portals, blogs, e-commerce and custom made applications.

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