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BBuster - a tool for keeping text styles in Adobe Indesign Print E-mail

A tool for keeping text styles in Adobe Indesign

BBuster software solution is designed for printing, publishing and graphic editing of magazines, newspapers and other publications. It enables operators, graphic designers and AdobeIndesign editing programme users to import intact styled texts (Bold, Italic, BoldItalic) in .doc or .rtf text file formats into the Adobe Indesign programme.

The procedure is simple: the user imports the text into the AdobeIndesign page by selecting the Import button. He highlights a block of text that he wishes to keep its style specifications and runs BBuster. All previously set styles have been preserved and the user can specify further modifications (font selection, styles, size …)

Scheme of operation

  1. Import text into Adobe Indesign CS.
  2. Select a block of text imported in Adobe Indesign CS.
  3. Run BBuster
  4. The result:
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