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ATM & POS Transaction Based Monitoring Tool - Castor & Pollux Print E-mail

Castor and Pollux is a software product that continuously monitors and manages financial transactions, and further reports on any abnormality within the ATM terminals and POS terminals network.

On-line alert and flaws notification provides an immediate problem solving by maintenance companies and thus minimal transaction cut-out.

The programme consists of two individual connected modules, one of them monitoring ATM transactions and the other POS transactions. This software solution is fully user definable to meet the specific demands of each individual customer (processing centres, banks ... ) who set its parameters according to their everyday business. Based on these parameters, alarms are launched notifying about bad transactions and unusual events. Castor & Pollux is a developing system providing alarm engagement at variable times, each hour, each day or each month. All data, history and transation statistics are fully documented and can be analysed for any past period of time.

Maintenance personnel is immediatelly notified of any errors, allowing corrective action to be taken even before receiving users' reports and before events escalate into business interruptions. Thus time and money are saved, the nature of the abnormality is quickly discovered and corrected and uninterrupted business is set up again.

Examples of alerts configuration:

  • cutouts of certain types of transactions
  • increase of certain transaction authorisations
  • decrease of certain transaction authorisations
  • increase of rejected transaction authorisations
  • connection cutouts with other processing centres
  • ...
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