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THOR® - ATM Monitoring Information System Print E-mail

Thor is an information system for ATM network control. This software application monitors each individual ATM network device and through an information dispatch module provides a reliable, 24–hour a day, uninterrupted management of network maintenance companies. It facilitates an up-to-date and real-time alert notification of designated events. Maintenance personnel thus have on-line information on the system events at any given moment. In the event of an ATM breakdown, servising personnel is immediately sent and corrective action taken in the shortest time possible. Definable selection of alarm systems for various time periods and alarm dispatching modules allow every operator to adjust his monitoring and define events according to their importance. The system records all events irrespective of the configuration and is completey traceable.

The system can be implemented into any authorisation system and the number of users is unlimited. Moreover, it is fully adjustable and enables every user to define his own criteria for observing the entire network system.

 Thor software application is in operation behind the public internet site www.bankomati.net enabling ATMs users to gain an insight into the ATM network status giving merely basic information such as ATMs site availability, information on ATM owners, services offered by a certain ATM device; whether it has a deposit unit or not, whether if tacilitates cash withdrawal ﴾VISA/Mastercard ... ﴿ and each ATM device operating status. This website is frequnetly used especially since the introduction of the transactions commission for users who are not customers of a specific bank.

 Main features users can expect from Thor are:

  • reliability
  • transparency
  • continual software
  • enhancement
  • information tracking
  • flexibility
  • simple management
  • user friendly
  • cost reducing
  • increased number of transactions
  • implementation into any system
  • high performance at good value

Thor scheme

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