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 Internet Interface for Safe Data Exchange

Medusa is an internet interface for safe data exchange with a collection centre.

This interface performs style and formal transmitted data supervision, compares quantity and contents of incoming and outgoing data, recognizes file types, characterizes them accordingly and directs them to central collection centre processing and to other users of collection centre services. In addition to data exchange processing, it also composes transfer statistics.

 Medusa software solution is developed in accordance to all PCI DSS (OWASP) standards, ensures user identity verification using digital certificates and provides full data exchange security. Verification is executed with a 1024-byte key, whereas security is maintained by a SSL protocol with a 128-byte key between the user and the server. A new key is generated with each new authorisation and is valid for one session only.

The only requirements for a customer are internet access and a server.

Medusa users can expect:

  • full reliability
  • precision
  • security based on PCI DSS standards

About Medusa in function

In Slovenia, Medusa internet interface is successfully used by Bankart company for Slovenian collection centre operation. Each month Medusa application will manage 500 thousand pensions, 600 thousand social transactions, salaries for more than 93 thousand civil servants and special money orders.

Pensions, salaries and social transaction route in Slovenia

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